We can assist at any stage of your financial literacy program

We have listed some examples of how we can help.


We can help set up a national or agency level strategy. We know the competing objectives and the strategies from a range of leading countries. We are experienced in consultation and building partnerships.

Financial inclusion strategy - We have been working on the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion in Indonesia for four years, through the World Bank. This includes stocktaking, analysis and advice on consumer education / communication strategies to reach millions of Indonesians.

National savings strategy - We worked with Boston Consulting Group to advise the government of Saudi Arabia on creating a financial literacy strand within an ambitious national savings strategy.

Program design

For a financial literacy program, success depends on a range of skills — personal finance, education, communication, IT, marketing, community liaison, research, insights into local culture, law. Often it is small details that make a critical difference. Having designed and implemented world-class programs before, we can help you design a program to achieve your goals.

Advice and mentorship - SmartSteps has worked with several NGOs about potential ways to improve the design of their financial education programs.


Evaluation is an emerging issue. Governments, agencies, funders and stakeholders want to see that programs are as effective as possible. Funders are keen to see evidence that their money is making a real difference. SmartSteps can help design and/or carry out evaluations, based on the latest international best practice.

Family violence - SmartSteps is currently evaluating the Learn Local Purse financial literacy program for women who have experienced family violence. Client: Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation.

Intellectual disability - We are working with Participate Australia on their project to upgrade their financial literacy program for people with intellectual disabilities. Our work is a mixture of rapid evaluation (based on user testing) combined with advice about improvements to program design.


Funding is often a crucial part of a successful program. The SmartSteps team has extensive experience in identifying sources and winning funding - over $US40 million so far.

Funding advice - SmartSteps has advised a number of NGOs and government agencies about potential sources of funding for financial education programs.


We can design training programs across most areas of financial literacy strategy and practice. Training can be from beginner level up to masterclass level. 

Financial education training workshops - Robert was a lead trainer in two rounds of workshops run by Asian Development Bank. The week-long workshops help financial regulators from across Asian to learn about best practice in running financial education programs.


We offer inspiring speakers for conferences. We use real examples and multi-media to build enthusiasm about how financial literacy and evaluation is making a real difference to the world. SmartSteps staff have given over 20 presentations at international conferences.

OECD - Robert gave the keynote presentation at the OECD - ADBI - State Bank of Vietnam conference on financial literacy and consumer protection in October 2017. The talk focused on how evaluation is essential to delivering programs that get better results for consumers, and the benefits of an outcome focus.