Financial wellbeing for women (& family violence)

Smartsteps is thrilled to be evaluating the ‘Financial Wellbeing for Women’ program in Victoria. The program aims to give women more control over their money. This contributes to both prevention and recovery from financial abuse and other forms of family violence.

Smartsteps has completed the evaluation of Phase 1 of the pilot. This covered the course material and the train the trainer’ workshops. These were evaluated through assessments by trainee facilitators and comparisons with international good practice. A copy is available here.

We are now evaluating Phase 2 of the pilot. This covers the delivery of the program by 32 local providers across Victoria. The evaluation will look who enrols in the program, what women get out of the program, and (if relevant) how the program can be improved to be sustainable in the long-term. The evaluation report will be available in early 2020.

Evaluation of SARA - Phase 1 - cover.jpg