Capacity building in Jakarta

Robert organised a 2 day workshop in Jakarta for the World Bank in conjunction with the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK). The workshop was attended by 75 people from financial services companies with an interest in financial literacy programs. 

The aim of the project was capacity building - learning how to develop, implement and evaluate an effective financial literacy program. Indonesia is one of only 3 countries where there is a legal obligation for financial service companies to undertake (or contribute to) financial education. South Africa and Columbia are the other two countries that we know of.

The workshop had a strong emphasis on co-operation - via industry associations, with the regulator and with community partners.  

Feedback on the project was positive, with people appreciating the practical examples and step-by-step guides. OJK has published the workshop content here.

If you would like a similar workshop in your country, please get in touch.